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Data Federal is recognized for their commitment in developing and delivering solutions that are central to improving business processes within the policies and procedures guidelines specific to the Federal Government. Our solutions are enablement driven, whether they are improving workflow, supporting accountability and compliance, or ensuring technical environments are operating to Federal IT security standards. To that end, Data Federal continuously researches the latest industry information to ensure our core competencies are current, and driven by industry best practices. Through our research efforts we routinely identify informative articles we believe are helpful to our customers in improving their programs. The articles presented here highlight current thinking and identify potential trends.

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  • Performance Management and Analytics

    Performance management and analytics allow companies to look deep into what drives success within their organizations. With greater visibility organizations can streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately achieve their mission objectives.

  • Business Processing Management

    Business Process Management (BPM) has become prevalent in automating business process and increasing productivity. Effective BPM is centered on the alignment of people, workflow and enabling technology.

  • Cloud Enablement and computing

    The cloud is a term commonly used, but what does it mean? Furthermore, how does it affect you? Add the IT policies unique to the Federal Government and the decision to move critical functions to cloud can be a difficult one.

  • Federal IT Security

    NIST mandated controls, vulnerabilities, compliance through FISMA. A few of the many topics one must consider when deploying IT assets in the Federal Government.

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